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Ah, so it begins. Windows 7 troubleshooting. I have just added to new PCs to my mish mash of systems. The first PCs build went without a hitch, added the anti-virus software, added all additional software that was needed by the user, which incidentally was our newly acquired CEO for the company, and added the PC to the domain again without any problems.

Then there was the second PC build. This however did not go as smoothly. The software installation was not a problem, and the anti-virus installation was fine. My problems began after adding the PC to the domain. After the initial restart I then attempted to add the user’s domain login to the user accounts, and this is when the Fail began. Windows 7 preceded to give me the following message:

User Accounts
The user account could not be created due to the following error:
The trust relationship between the workstation and the primary domain controller failed!

The first thing I tried was to remove the PC from the domain, adding it to a workgroup, and then re-adding it to the domain with the administrator account. I attempted this process at least three times before trying other alternatives.
Next I connected to the DC remotely, under the Administrator Tools/Active Directory Users and Computers/Computer OU I found the problem child and the attempted to reset the PC account. Again this was a dead end after a couple of tries. At this time also removed and re-added the PC to the domain, no go.

That’s when the message “The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship” starting popping up at the login attempts. By this time I am ready to pull out my hair (Which I have none of due to shaving it).
Ah, that’s when I get the bright idea to do the following: delete the PC account from the AD U&C on the Domain Controller, the remove the PC from the Domain and adding it back into the Workgroup. This time instead of manually adding the PC to the Domain I opted to use the Network ID wizard, this promptly found the PC account on the DC with the matching name, I chose the option to use that account and low and behold, IT WORKED! Yeah, I could now go home happy.

Hope this helps someone.

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