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“An Exchange 2007 Server on which an address list is active cannot be found. “

I received this error message today after removing a user’s mailbox and creating a contact them as they are no longer using our corporate email and will be going back to using their external email address. I tried several times to use the New Contact wizard in the Exchange Management Console to no avail, everytime I attempted to use the wizard I always received the same result, it would hang at the end in a processing state. First time I let it run for about 15 minutes, the last 2 times only about 5 minutes. It was pretty obvious that there was an issue going on with our Exchange Server.

I did a little research and came across some information concerning the Microsoft System Attendant service, for most people their issues had to do with the MSA service not being in a running state, mine however was running. So I did what any red blooded IT person would, I stopped and restarted the service.

This solved my issue, as soon as the service was running again, I performed another New Contact process in the wizard without any hanging at all.

Here is the link that I found this informaiton on.
Exchange Server

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