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As a new aspect, I am going to try and review a book once a quarter. Hopefully this will compel me read many of the books I have gathered over the years, and those reading these reviews gain some insight into the books in order to make informed choices for reading.

O’Reilly Essential System Administration

This is an interesting book for the nix administrator. The real strength of this book is for the administrator who is familiar with one system and needs to know how to run a similar command on another ‘nix’ system. For example if you’re curious how to list installed packages, you would find the following entry;

List all installed packages
AIX: lslpp -l all
HP-UX: swlist
Solaris: pkginfo
FreeBSD: pkg_info -a -I
Linux: rpm -q -a

It does provide a lot of useful information for information, but it is a must have if trying to port your knowledge into another ‘nix. The book retails for $14.95, but I found a copy for < $8.

Essential System Administration
Author: Æleen Frisch
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0-596-00449-4
Pages: 137

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