Joomla vs. Drupal

So every now and then I have to work with a compromised box and you see some reoccurring patterns. One of the things I’ve noticed is the frequency that Joomla get compromised. I recently had an acquaintance tell me they prefer Joomla over Drupal and insisted it is just as secure. I have talked with several knowledgeable web admins and all of them suggest Drupal (if you can’t write your own CMS) and to stay away from Joomla. So I decided to document my finds and see how they compare.

So my first day out, here is the outcome:
Joomla Compromises: 7
Drupal Compromises: 0

So my friend says this is a skunk, game over, Joomla looses, But I am going to keep a tally going for the next month or so.

Total Compromises
Joomla: 11 / 14
Drupal: 1 / 8

13 Responses to “Joomla vs. Drupal”
  1. Vinsane says:

    Worked on another Drupal site today; that brings the uncompromised drupal level up to 2.

  2. Vinsane says:

    Another Joomla compromise… sad part is, this one actually had all updated patches.

  3. David Corn says:

    add another to joomla :P

  4. Vinsane says:

    So today I worked on a Joomla install that wasn’t compromised [shock], the issue was that it was throwing errors on installation. So David says it doesn’t count because it was not installed, but I still have mention it.

  5. Vinsane says:

    Forgot to update the page yesterday. I actually worked on a Joomla site that was hacked. I was trying to install an SSL certificate that Joomla didn’t want to play well with. Grrr.

  6. Vinsane says:

    And now for another hack. I’m seeing a a repeat hack to templates.

  7. David Corn says:

    add another joomla bro

  8. Vinsane says:

    Worked on an joomla site and drupal site today. Neither of which were compromised. How unexciting.

  9. Vinsane says:

    Well, I worked on three drupal sites this week. Permission and connectivity issues, none of them were compromised. Kept meaning to update the page, but got distracted by other issues.

  10. Vinsane says:

    Had the opportunity to work on a system with nine drupal installs. Trying to decide if I should count it as one install or nine; I decided to go with one install.

  11. TheMaskedPanda says:

    DRUPAL SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  12. Vinsane says:

    I have encountered a Drupal compromise. To qualify, the install was very old and had never been patched.

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