In information technology, a wrapper is data that precedes or frames the main data or a program that sets up another program so that it can run successfully.

  1. On the Internet, “http://” and “ftp://” are sometimes described as wrappers for the Internet addresses or Uniform Resource Locator URL that follow. A set of bracketing symbols (such as < and >, used here to wrap the word “and”) are also sometimes referred to as wrappers .
  2. In programming, a wrapper is a program or script that sets the stage and makes possible the running of another, more important program.
  3. In data transmission, a wrapper is the data that is put in front of or around a transmission that provides information about it and may also encapsulate it from view to anyone other than the intended recipient. A wrapper often consists of a header that precedes the encapsulated data and the trailer that follows it.
  4. In database technology, a wrapper can be used to determine who has access to look at or change the data that is wrapped.
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