Wow, over a month and no posts. I’m really slacking. I guess I’ll kick off this fine Monday as I usually do, with some computer lingo. Today’s topic is the term ‘Data Haven’. According to wikipedia the term data haven means:

“a computer or a network that holds data protected from government action by both technical means (encryption) and location in a country that has either no laws, or poorly-enforced laws restricting use of data and no extradition treaties.”

In layman’s term, a data haven is a place where you can dump cracked/pirated/illegal software out of the reach of the law. The idea of data havens were conceptualized in the book Islands in the Net by Bruce Sterling and you can see term pervade the cyberpunk genre. There are organizations in place to protect a person’s intellectual properties, but there are still many nations where a data haven could conceivable be set up.

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