“An Exchange 2007 Server on which an address list is active cannot be found. “

I received this error message today after removing a user’s mailbox and creating a contact them as they are no longer using our corporate email and will be going back to using their external email address. I tried several times to use the New Contact wizard in the Exchange Management Console to no avail, everytime I attempted to use the wizard I always received the same result, it would hang at the end in a processing state. First time I let it run for about 15 minutes, the last 2 times only about 5 minutes. It was pretty obvious that there was an issue going on with our Exchange Server.

I did a little research and came across some information concerning the Microsoft System Attendant service, for most people their issues had to do with the MSA service not being in a running state, mine however was running. So I did what any red blooded IT person would, I stopped and restarted the service.

This solved my issue, as soon as the service was running again, I performed another New Contact process in the wizard without any hanging at all.

Here is the link that I found this informaiton on.
Exchange Server

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  1. Vinsane says:

    Did you reboot the server the obligatory three times? I’ve seen this sort of issue crop across platforms (windows and linux). Power cycling does wonders, but doesn’t really tell you why it was acting wonky.

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