Well, I took a few days off to get some rest and now I’m back at the console. Let’s start this week with a little terminology.

I recently had a call to use a fork bomb on one of my systems. A fork bomb is a a simple command, script, or program with the simple job to fork into two processes indefinitely. The most eloquent of which is:

# : (){ : | :& };:

Now a user running this on a Fedora box won’t have too catastrophic of effect.. I think linux knows enough to throttle how many processes a user should be allowed to create and not let them ‘set up us da bomb’. They will have a hard time launching other programs, but the system will remain intact.

Lunching this from root, on the other hand, will freeze your system. I tried to use this to test out Magic Sysrq but it locked up the system and all I could do was reboot.

If you want to try this out, make sure it is not on a production machine.

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