Plesk has been notoriously poor at adding an additional user for FTP access to a particular domain. While you can add one outside of plesk. You’ll have to contend with permissions for each account and perhaps set-up facls, creating a group and setting the GID bit, or finding another creative solution to allow two accounts to access and modify the same files without tripping over each other.

Now, if you are simply trying to add another user with the same access as the original ftp user. You can create another user with the same UID of the original FTP account. When you do this, the system records the original UID so you may have a hard time determining which user actually made the change, so keep this in mind for security purposes.

We are going to use for this example. Below is a quick overview of the steps:

Create the user with the home directory as the root of what they can access

  • Find the UID of the original user
  • Create the user with the home directory as the root they can access
  • Give the user a password
  • Make their primary group psacln
  • Add them to the psaserv group as well

# grep “” /etc/passwd

# useradd domain_ftp2 -d /var/www/vhosts/ -s /bin/false -ou 1037
# echo “password” | passwd domain_ftp2 –stdin
Changing password for user domain_ftp2.
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

# usermod -g psacln domain_ftp2
# usermod -G psaserv domain_ftp2

# lftp username:password@localhost
lftp username@localhost:/> cd ..
lftp username@localhost:/>

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