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I received an update on the worlds migration on IPv6 and thought I may share:

* IPv6 Deployment Growth

Of the 39,570 networks in the world running BGP, the number
running IPv6 has increased to 4,830, or 12.2%. This is an
increase from 7.4% just one year ago or 9.5% six months back.

The global IPv6 routing table has passed 7000 IPv6 prefixes.


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I have officially obtained my IPv6 newbie certification. Hurricane Electric has a nice program to make people more aware of the coming IPv6 storm. I am lucky enough to have my company send me to IPv6 training. There is a lot of good information out there, but if your personally type is like mine, you might have the patience to finish a technical manual. Hurricane Electric provides a step-by-step certification system to warm you up to IPv6. I am planning on continuing to take the certs to enhance my understanding of IPv6.

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IPv6 Certification Badge for neoproxy

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