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Last night saw a DNS pandemic in server failures. The following clip comes from ISC’s website:

BIND 9 Resolver crashes after logging an error in query.c

Organizations across the Internet are reporting crashes interrupting service on BIND 9 nameservers performing recursive queries. Affected servers crash after logging an error in query.c with the following message: “INSIST(! dns_rdataset_isassociated(sigrdataset))” Multiple versions are reported as being affected, including all currently supported release versions of ISC BIND 9. ISC is actively investigating the root cause and working to produce patches which avoid the crash. Further information will be made available soon.

I suffered from this last night, instead of trouble shooting, I just went to bed and let my ISP handle it.

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I received an update on the worlds migration on IPv6 and thought I may share:

* IPv6 Deployment Growth

Of the 39,570 networks in the world running BGP, the number
running IPv6 has increased to 4,830, or 12.2%. This is an
increase from 7.4% just one year ago or 9.5% six months back.

The global IPv6 routing table has passed 7000 IPv6 prefixes.


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I have officially obtained my IPv6 newbie certification. Hurricane Electric has a nice program to make people more aware of the coming IPv6 storm. I am lucky enough to have my company send me to IPv6 training. There is a lot of good information out there, but if your personally type is like mine, you might have the patience to finish a technical manual. Hurricane Electric provides a step-by-step certification system to warm you up to IPv6. I am planning on continuing to take the certs to enhance my understanding of IPv6.

Further Reading

IPv6 Certification Badge for neoproxy

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A coworker was looking for a good place to get whois information so I decided to create a page to look up whois and DNS record information. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to make the page better.

8 Bit DNS Tools

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