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Ravage USB
Now that the Eighties are making a come-back, we get to see all the stuff from our childhood re-imagined into some cool tech gadget. For those the that can remember, Ravage was a Decepticon that transformed into a micro-cassette and fit inside Soundwave. It wasn’t functional, of course, but it still provided hours of fun. Flash forward thirty years and someone had the idea to make Ravage a working USB drive.

Aside from nostalgia purposes, this little toy actually provides a use purpose. Think Geek has them priced at $50. Here are some spec from Think Geek.


* Four Transformers in two styles – while supplies last!:
o 2 Gigabyte USB key – Tigatron
o USB Laser Mouse – Grimlock and Trypticon
* Made in Japan by Takara Tomy
* Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7
* Mouse runs at 800dpi with 3 buttons and a scroll wheel
* Guaranteed not to attempt to murder anyone or attempt world domination

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